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Flags stay high at Cummings Elementary

With the last day of school often comes many fun traditions students can participate in, from field day games and activities to parent visits, however, Cummings Elementary students decided to do something a little more patriotic. 

City Council Meeting Agenda

Keizer City Council will meet on Monday, June 17th at 7 p.m. in regular session.The following options are available if you wish to view or participate in the meeting: The City of Keizer is committed to providing equal access to all public meetings and information per theThe City of Keizer[Read More…]

Unfrosted ends up stale 

I’m not writing this today to wax nostalgic about my college experience; I am writing to tell you that Unfrosted, the extremely embellished and exaggerated story of how Pop-Tarts came to be, is similar to its namesake in that it is chocked full of artificial ingredients that are bad for you, but unlike the delicious breakfast pastry I took absolutely no joy in consuming it. 

Youth peer court gets grant 

The Keizer Youth Peer court received a grant from the Barbara Emily Knudson charitable foundation, a philanthropic organization that donates money to nonprofits in Oregon that seek to prioritize family and family success, for $1,000.