“Four Thousand Paws: Caring for the Dogs of the Iditarod, a Veterinarian’s Story” by Lee Morgan

There aren’t many things worse than unintentionally sliding on the ice.
You know it’s going to happen before it does, and that makes it worse. You slip, recombobulate, whirl your arms and adjust, them boom, down you go anyhow. Slipping on ice is not fun, never mind driving on it – unless, of course your ride doesn’t glide on gasoline. Unless, as in the new book “Four Thousand Paws” by Lee Morgan, it runs on salmon and dog chow.

Kickin’ Cancer honors survivors 

Several dozen cancer survivors, their families and supporters of Kickin’ Cancer, gathered for a dinner on Saturday, Feb. 10, to celebrate those who have passed on and those who survived their journey. 

Book Review: “Are You Prepared for the Storm of Love Making? Letters of Love and Lust from the White House” by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

While John Adams was away from Abigail Smith, they obsessively wrote letters to one another, some eleven hundred of them, expressing their longing. Not to be outdone, James Garfield and Lucretia together wrote more than twelve hundred letters.
Martha Washington tried to burn everything George ever sent her. Thomas Jefferson did the same with his letters.