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The McNary CTE Golf Tournament

The McNary Business Management group and Career Technical Education (CTE) partnered up with Willamette Valley Bank and the McNary Golf club to bring the first golf tournament of the season on Monday, June 3, located at the McNary Golf club.The tournament was held in order to raise money for McNary CTE programs. 

Poison Hemlock invades River Road Park

With the warm weather here, many Keizerites are planning on going outside and enjoying one of the many parks in the area, however, be sure to carouse with caution at River Road Park due to the copious amounts of poison hemlock there. 

Chemeketa drag: it’s for everybody 

In partnership with Chemeketa Community College’s Safe Haven group, Caliente XL productions, owned by Richard Arias Jr. (whose stage name is RiRi Caliente), put on an all-ages drag performance for the second year in a row on Friday, May 31, at Chemeketa College.