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Gardening safety tips from Keizer Fire 

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter and the roar of lawn mowers can be heard. In the Pacific Northwest we long for these days. As you plan your weekend gardening adventures, Keizer Fire would like to remind you of a few safety tips.

Wear protective clothing to reduce your chances of harm and injuries. Protective clothing includes long sleeves, pants, boots, and gloves. Sun protection such as a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen is also recommended if you will be outside in the heat of the day.

Wear hearing protection and safety glasses if using chainsaws, weed whackers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers or other similar equipment.

Drink water often and on cooler days even when you don’t feel thirsty. Gardening can be a workout, listen to your body and take breaks as needed.

Focus on your posture. Gardening includes a lot of bending, kneeling, lifting and using muscles you may have forgotten about during the wet winter.

Use chemicals carefully and never mix them. Read instructions to ensure they can be safely used around pets, children and other animals.

While working outside, check your external dryer vent to ensure no debris including dryer lint is restrict- ing airflow.

There is no greater joy than sitting back and enjoying your hard work and enjoying a meal fresh from the grill.

If your BBQ has been neglected over the winter take the time to ensure it is free of grease buildup and no animals have moved in as well as ensure that the propane hoses are intact. Nothing ruins  a  meal quicker than unexpected  surprises when you are trying to cook dinner. Take the time to safely enjoy the process of waking your garden and yard from its winter slumber

(Submitted by Keizer Fire District)

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