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While the idea of re-purposing or up-cycling is not new, the last few years have seen an explosion of secondhand shopping and creative home DIY projects. 

Jeffery Miller, the director of Habitat for Humanity of the Mid- Willamette Valley’s ReStore said, “There are plenty of reasons to purchase used instead of new. It’s less expensive, helps keep perfectly good items out of the landfill, and can raise funds towards a good cause. That’s really what it boils down to.” 

The Salem ReStore, located on 13th Street SE, accepts and sells used furniture, building supplies, tools and more. 

All proceeds from the ReStore support Habitat for Humanity Mid- Willamette Valley’s affordable homeownership and repair programs which help ensure local families have a decent place to call home. 

“I’ve heard stories of customers doing some creative things with what they buy here. A lot of shoppers use things like wooden windows and doors for art projects,” Miller added. 

“We also get a lot of filing cabinets donated to us since people keep their files on computers now, but we have customers buy them to use as tools boxes. People have built entire greenhouses out of stuff they bought from the ReStore.” 

“Even on the administrative side, we are looking at ways to re-purpose materials from our ReStore,” Gabby Sullivan, events and communication coordinator said. 

“For instance, at our last two fundraisers, we used ReStore items for our centerpieces and other decorations. Afterwards, we brought them back to the office to repurpose for other events or returned them to the ReStore,” Sullivan said. 

Repurposing usually takes a little bit of DIY skill, a trend that has seen a resurgence since the COVID- 19 pandemic began. 

Some homeowners used the time in lock-down to tackle large home renovations, while others took on apartment-friendly projects or up-cycles of furniture and decor. 

Social media has only added fuel to this trend as content creators and everyday people share their projects and how-tos, inspiring others to take on projects of their own. 

With thousands of online tutorials and more opportunities than ever to find second-hand treasures at thrift stores like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, repurposing is more accessible than it’s ever been. 

More than just a money-saver, it is an opportunity for people to be creative and transform their living space into one that’s unique and reflective of who they are. 

(Submitted by Habitat for Humanity)

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