Author: Lyndon Zaitz

Educators honored

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce held its annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on Monday, Aug. 26, at Log House Gardens.Nearly 40 teachers from Keizer-area schools were treated to lunch sponsored by NW Natural. School Superintendent Christy Perry spoke about the new school year and highlighted construction at McNary High School and[Read More…]

Intimidating the press

Officials in Malheur County in eastern Oregon had asked Sheriff Brian Wolfe to assess whether the Malheur Enterprise weekly newspaper had engaged in criminal conduct in its reporting involving the director of the county’s economic development department. County Counsel Stephanie Williams confirmed that she contacted Wolfe with allegations about emails and[Read More…]

One is silver, one is gold

They say nostalgia is what it used to be; I’m sorry, but nostaglia hasn’t changed one wit in milienia. I often think of time, as in years or eras. Living in my sixth decade, I can remember easily what came 50 years before. The world has changed by leaps and[Read More…]

There is no single solution

After a mass shooting there are the inevitable calls for stricter gun control laws or the banning of assault weapons. Some say that such demands are made for political gain. Still others say that the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting is no time to talk politics, but to mourn,[Read More…]

Egregious budget deal

“A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money. “ That’s a quote attributed to long-ago U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen (which he probably never said). The quote—real or not—was about the federal budget in the 1960s. Back then a budget deficit of $5 billion would[Read More…]


As Americans take to the road this summer they will drive through large cities and small towns. Just about every burg they visit will have one thing in common: identifying banners lining the main street. We have called for banners along River Road for years and now we renew that[Read More…]

We went to the moon

Human beings once trod the moon. The first time man stepped foot on the lunar surface was 50 years tomorrow (July 20, 1969). Apollo 11, a marvel of mankind’s scientific reach, was followed by six successful moon landings. Man last walked on the moon in 1972. Our gaze turned elsewhere[Read More…]

Accessing private information

Personal privacy is a triggering issue for most Americans. They don’t want the government, business or people they don’t know to go rooting around their lives. The privacy issue takes on a different face when it comes to a loved one, especially when technology, such as cellphones and computers, is[Read More…]