Author: Lyndon Zaitz

Pass an inclusion resolution

The call for Keizer to declare itself a city of inclusion has been on the table for several years now—proposed by some city council members and segments of the public. The twin movements of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter should have pushed this issue front and center for the city[Read More…]

Can we get what we need?

“You don’t get if you don’t ask.’ “Don’t take no for an answer.” “Have it your way.” Tenets that many people live by, though they are leavened by the words of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards: “You can’t always get what you want.” Everyone has material wants such as a[Read More…]

Does it have a swimming pool?

“Does it have a pool?” was the same question us five Zaitz kids asked everyday on our six-week road trip around the United States back in the early Seventies A station wagon pulling an Airstream trailer, the family departed in the summer (after the strawberry picking season was done) from[Read More…]

Getting their diploma at last

Like the Depression-era and World War II students before them, students in the era of COVID-19 are finding their worlds turned upside down and the things they once took as a given, are not. Some semblence of normalcy returns Friday, August 7, as the McNary High School Class of 2020[Read More…]

No school poses problems

Governor Kate Brown’s announcement this week that there will no in-person classes until certain coronavirus testing metrics are met will not be met with universal acclaim. Students have been kept from the classroom since March, with most continung their education virtually. The long-term effects of the pandemic will linger in[Read More…]

Keizer woman details experience with COVID-19

Lucy Workman is one of millions who survived their battle with COVID-19.  Lucy Workman of Keizer is one of more than 16,000 Oregonians who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.  After four days of hospitalization and two weeks of at-home quarantine, her doctors have[Read More…]

Opponents, not enemies

As Ronald Reagan said back in the 1980s regarding then-pending legislation: “We don’t have enemies, we have opponents.” That is not naive, that was Reagan’s take on the game of politics. He could do political battle with the Speaker of the House during the day, then enjoy a drink together[Read More…]

Now serving

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Wicked Sweet, Keizer’s new bakery in Keizer Village, on Tuesday, July 21. Co-owner Michael Peters was joined by daughter Alyson and Chamber members for the ceremony.

Stronger together

Willow Lake Golf Center and Driving Range in Keizer hosted the Keizer Unity BBQ on Sunday, July 12. The public was invited to the event, organized by Heather and Rich Howard, owners of the Center, to discuss inclusivity, equality and bringing a positive change to society. The program, emceed by[Read More…]

Don’t shoot the messenger

Too many want to shoot the messenger, especially in times like these, with the coronavirus pandemic.  When reputable press outlets report on what is happening, some blame the media for fanning the flames of COVID-19 hysteria. It is not hysteria when you or a loved one has been diagnosed. Cases[Read More…]