Rotary Club of Keizer raffle party nets $47,000 for projects

Marc and Donna Adams.John Goodyear and B.J. Toewe/Jane Lowery (left() and Alana Lang Neads represent sponsor Willamette Valley Bank.Those at sponsor Advantage Holdings’ table were, (from left) Amy Herradura Bauer, Tammy Black Day, Rick Day, Janelle Martinez and Cristian Martinez.Sponsor Joe Guerra, of State Farm Insurance (center) with his wife Linda, and Mike Eckman.Rotary Club of Keizer president Brian Lea with his wife, Cindy.Kristen and Mark Caillier.J.D.Humburg and Diana Dettwyler.Marlene Parsons.Keizer City Councilor Roland Herrera, Spencer Todd and Sheronne Blasi.Michele Roland-Schwartz with husband Sam Schwartz.Lore Christopher (from left), Ron Christopher, J.W Smith and Kim Steen.The conference room.McNary High School Athletic Director Scott Gragg (from left), his wife, Toni Gragg, McNary High School principal Erik Jesperson and his father, Paul Jesperson. Allan and Jackie Roche.Aidan Lackey and Brooke Haase.Pam and Bob Zielinski.

Jacqueline and Doug Lusk.

The Rotary Club of Keizer held its annual fundraising raffle and banquet on Saturday, April 2, at the Keizer Civic Center.

Hundreds of attendees dressed in the event’s theme of The 1980s. A cross section of the Keizer community dined on dinner catered by Elegant Catering, bid on silent auction items and participated in an oral auction, conducted by Emcee Nathan Bauer.

More than 1,000 $50 raffle/dinner tickets were sold by Rotary Club members since December. In-coming club president Jason Lewis headed up the committee that staged the event, the major fundraiser for the club, which has donated more than $1 million to the community since 1965 .

After a spirited oral auction, Lewis, Bauer and club president Brian Lea announced the raffle winners. Grand prize was $10,000 in gold and silver; second prize was $1,200 in cash.

Grand prize winner was Dr. Dave Anderson, a Keizer dentist and a Rotary Club board member. When notified of his good fortune, Anderson said, “I’m speechless. For the first time in my life.”

“I’m exited, and happy to donate to my community.” A prior commitment kept Anderson from attending the banquet. Anderson sold all his 15 tickets to himself. Each Keizer Rotarian is obliged to sell 15 raffle tickets.

The second prize of $1,200 in cash was won by Keizer Police Chief John Teague, also a Rotarian. His reaction to winning? “That’s great,” he said.Teague bought all 15 raffle tickets and has plans for the prize money. He plans to use the cash to purchase tickets for the club’s weekly luncheon raffle for the foreseeable future to help the club.

Jason Lewis reported that the raffle netted about $47,000 that the Keizer club will use to fund local and global Rotary projects.