Author: Lyndon Zaitz

Nurses: the superheroes of our time

There are many people across the nation in many fields fighting against COVID-19. Grocery store employees continue to stock products and check out customers. Teachers hold virtual classes. Scientists are working around the clock in laboratories around the world searching for a vaccine for the disease that has now taken[Read More…]

Showing the nation how to vote

Oregon has conducted its elections by mail since voters approved Measure 60 in 1998. Since then voter turnout in Oregon has been among the highest in the nation and there has been little—if any—serious incidents of fraud.  More states are considering conducting their elections with mailed ballots in the wake[Read More…]

A Mother’s Day gift for the ages

The COVID-19 pandemic will pose a challenge as we honor mom on this year’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10. In the past, families treated mom to a lovely brunch or dinner at a restaurant. This year there will be no large family gatherings around a big table at a[Read More…]

Opening amid COVID-19

Every crisis breeds its own white hat heroes; conversely, every crisis also breeds black hat scoundrels. Most will agree that the white hat heroes of the coronavirus pandemic are the health workers—doctors, nurses and anyone who goes to work at a hospital or clinic. The black hat scoundrels are those[Read More…]


Tyson Cox, club manager of Keizer’s Physique Fitness, delivers a refilled bottle of sanitizer to Annie Owen of Keizer. Physique Fitness is providing semi-regular refills of sanitizing solution, the same brand as it uses inside the clubs, at its Salem area locations. Follow the gym on Facebook to find out[Read More…]

Keep up the good work

Keep it up, Oregon. Our social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing is working.  It is good to see people distancing themselves from others when they have to go out to the store or the pharmacy.  As of early this week the state had a total of 690 novel coronavirus cases[Read More…]

Digging in at Civic Center

Mark Caillier delivers marching orders. Members of the community pitched in to help clean up the Keizer Civic Center Saturday, March 14. Nathan Farris (left) and Ammon Farris. City Manager Chris Eppley reports for duty.

Let the people decide

Once again proposed cap-and-trade legislation has led to a walk-out and no-show of Republican legislators, denying a quorum in both the state Senate and the House of Representatives. These legislators mostly represent the rural areas of Oregon, whose residents say they and their businesses will be hurt by the proposed[Read More…]

Keizer kids come first

After more than a year of meetings the Keizer Little League Park Long Range Planning Task Force presented its report to the Keizer City Council. The task force, including a lot of input from city staff, suggested the council choose one of three options for the future use of the[Read More…]