Author: Lyndon Zaitz

How to stay safe during the heat wave

The heat wave in the Willamette Valley forecast over this weekend will be a challenge for many residents. The average high June temperature is 74 degrees. Sunday’s temperature is expected to reach 115 degrees. Triple digit highs may not be a hardship for those with air conditioned homes and workspaces,[Read More…]

Happy Father’s Day

Everyone has a father. We all think we have the best dad in the world and we’re all right. You have to admit mothers have better publicity, but dads are every bit as important as dear mom. A mom can teach her child how to throw a ball or use[Read More…]

What we owe the Class of ’21

Next Wednesday, June 9, the McNary High School Class of 2021 will accept their graduation diplomas at Volcanoes Stadium. Hundreds of our students have completed their primary education. Many will go onto higher education at the college of their choice, others will opt for service in the military or to[Read More…]

A muted response to a shot

The Keizer City Council voted unanimously to release the investigative report on the former city manager’s discharge of gun in his office in early March. This after the city denied requests for access to the full report from the Keizertimes. The report has since been posted on the city’s website[Read More…]

Every mom is a superhero

When asked what superpower they would like to possess most people answer with things like the ability to fly, to be invisible or some other amazing trait. The superpowers to covet are the natural traits of a mother. Sure, mothers can’t fly or morph into other beings, but they have[Read More…]

It ain’t over ’til it’s over

More than 100 million Americans have now received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine—2 million in Oregon alone. Regardless of vaccination levels and a decrease of infection rates in some states, the picture is not all rosy. Multnomah, Clackamas and four other Oregon counties were shifted back to[Read More…]

Limiting voting is un-American

Every American citizen should be worried anytime there is a movement to add restrictions to voting procedures in the nation. Currently numerous state legislatures across the country have seen bills introduced to make voting difficult. This is about as un-American as you can get. Some may dismiss the proposed restrictions[Read More…]

Keizer’s celebrated volunteers

The recepients of the 2020 Chamber of Commerce First Citizen and other awards is a demonstration that Keizer is home to generous, unselfish personalities. Each year the Chamber bestows honors on those in the community who have shown a bottomless well of good works and caring for their city. This[Read More…]

Keizer man churns out desks for distance learning

Dymond Sullivan with a desk for distance learning provided by Fernando Lopez and the Keizer Community Foundation. When COVID-19 closed schools in 2020 students switched to distance learning. Last fall, the Keizer Community Foundation saw the need to help make at-home instruction easier, especially for those students who had no[Read More…]