Volunteers help clean up civic center grounds

Dozens of community volunteers heeded the call to help clean up the Keizer Civic Center grounds on Saturday, March 12.

The cleanup, sponsored by the City of Keizer, was coordinated by the Claggett Creek Watershed Council and hosted by the Rotary Club of Keizer.

Volunteers gathered trimmings from shrubs, trees and grasses, removing weeds, and dumped the collected debris into a drop box, donated by Loren’s Sanitation.  

Volunteers included families, church organizations and others. The days activities were overseen by Mark Caillier, of the Claggett Creek Watershed Council, city councilor Dan R. Kohler and Matt Lawyer, who sits on several city commissions.

For the first time in years of civic center clean ups, good weather was the order of the day on March 12.

“It’s the best weather we’ve ever had,” said Caillier.

The family that volunteers together—the Whettens. From left, Brady, Janey, Rachel, Baylee and Malia.Mayor Cathy Clark with Brian Lea, president of the Rotary Club of Keizer.Tonya Hamilton and daughter Hallie Jane.City councilor Shaney Starr and Keizer Chamber of Commerce executive director Corri Falardeau.Kiyanah Anderson and McNary Junior ROTC Staff Sergeant Stephen Hammond.Keizer Police Chief John Teague (left) and city finance director Tim Wood man the collection box.Overseeing the 2022 cleanup were, from left, city councilor Dan R. Kohler, Matt Lawyer and Mark Caillier.Volunteers from the community helped cleanup the Keizer Civic Center groups.