McNary breaks in Volcanoes field

The McNary boys baseball team as they warm-up before practice

The season may still be weeks away, but the McNary boys baseball team is already at it, having their practice on the Volcanoes Stadium’s new turf field. 

Ignoring the cold rainy weather, the team showed up on Feb. 5 to what was one of their first training sessions of the upcoming season. 

The team ran warm-up drills before getting into the actual practice, working out the cobwebs and preparing for a few hours in the rain. 

Head coach Larry Keeker noted excitement about the field as well as getting ready for the upcoming season. 

Practices now focus on not only getting ready for the rigors of the season but also to develop who will play what position as well as the final rosters for games. 

Volcanoes stadium CEO and McNary baseball coach Mickey Walker said he “wanted to better serve the local community and make sure that it’s more accessible.” 

“I coach at McNary and it felt like it would be a nice little way to christen the field,” Walker went on. 

Walker also pointed out that this will not be the last time the team will be at the field for practice, noting it will likely be relatively consistent. 

The season starts in March, with the first game at home against Silverton, according to 

Coach Mickey Walker hits grounders to players on base 
Head McNary boys baseball coach, Larry Keeker 
The team circles up for some more warm-up exercises 
CEO of Volcanoes Stadium and McNary boys baseball coach Mickey Walker 

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