Tag: McNary High School

McNary at the 2024 Beacon Awards

Hundreds packed into the historic Elsinore Theater on a warm Thursday night, June 14, as students, teachers, coaches and members of the Salem-Keizer community came together to name the Beacons, or examples of community and sports excellence, for 2024. 

The McNary CTE Golf Tournament

The McNary Business Management group and Career Technical Education (CTE) partnered up with Willamette Valley Bank and the McNary Golf club to bring the first golf tournament of the season on Monday, June 3, located at the McNary Golf club.The tournament was held in order to raise money for McNary CTE programs. 

KeizerFEST: The Bloomin’ Iris Day Parade

With a new time in May, the Bloomin’ Iris Day Parade hit the streets over the weekend, May 17, and with a great turnout from Keizerites; the city, its leadership, its businesses and schools came together to represent the Keizer motto: Spirit, Pride and Volunteerism.