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McNary at the 2024 Beacon Awards

Hundreds packed into the historic Elsinore Theater on a warm Thursday night, June 14, as students, teachers, coaches and members of the Salem-Keizer community came together to name the Beacons, or examples of community and sports excellence, for 2024. 

The Turnaround Achievement Awards 

Middle and High School students from the Keizer-Salem area were honored, including three from Keizer, on Tuesday, May 7, at the 28th Turnaround Achievement Awards at the Keizer Civic Center. 

School budget cuts unveiled 

The Salem Keizer Public School (SKPS) district has released its upcoming budget for the 2024-25 school year, including information for around $70 million in budget cuts across all funding. 

According to the 176-page report, this new, reduced budget reflects the district’s “attempt to hold the financial, educational and cultural health of the system in balance.”