Celtic wrestling goes 3-1 at Jerry Lane Duals

The 2022-23 McNary wrestling season got underway with the annual Jerry Lane Duals, where the Celtics hosted North Salem High School, Roseburg High School, Glencoe High School and Southridge High School on Friday, Dec. 2. 

McNary went 3-1 in its individual meets, bested only by Roseburg, who swept its four meets.

In their first meet of the day, McNary lost to Roseburg 60-21. Roseburg tied for third at last season’s state championship.

McNary defeated North Salem 54-12, and Southridge 54-24. 

In the closest meet of the day, McNary topped Glencoe 42-41.

The Celtics won the final four matches against Glencoe. Three were by forfeit — Glencoe also won three matches by forfeit in this meet — and  pinfall victory by Joey Barros at 113 pounds less than a minute into his match with Glencoe’s Joshua Andrade.

Barros was 4-0 on the day, with two wins coming via forfeit, and two by pin. 

Also going 4-0 for the Celtics was Josh Friesen (170), with three pinfalls and one forfeit. 

Donovin Garcia and Rafael Mosqueda combined to go 4-0 at 145 pounds for the Celtics, with only one forfeit win. 

McNary vs. Roseburg results:

113Joey Barros (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
120Gage Singleton (Roseburg High School) over Max Blanco (McNary High School) Fall 5:0406.0
126Koen Shelby (Roseburg High School) over Liam Koenig (McNary High School) Fall 2:3106.0
132Roman Leaton (Roseburg High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
138Gabe Konig (Roseburg High School) over Leo Gonzalez (McNary High School) Fall 3:4906.0
145Donovin Garcia (McNary High School) over Dylan Sparks (Roseburg High School) Fall 1:436.00
152Charlie Jones (Roseburg High School) over Isaiah Manzo (McNary High School) Fall 2:4606.0
160Anthony Thomas (McNary High School) over Parker Yutzie (Roseburg High School) Dec 12-63.00
170Josh Friesen (McNary High School) over Hunter Heredia (Roseburg High School) Fall 1:396.00
182Eric Johnson (Roseburg High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
195Emmit Gibson (Roseburg High School) over Jensen Dubois (McNary High School) Fall 3:2706.0
220Grady Chasteen (Roseburg High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
HWTGrady Hamilton (Roseburg High School) over Diego Piceno (McNary High School) Fall 0:5906.0
106Jose Nonato (Roseburg High School) over Pedro Schay Vega (McNary High School) Fall 5:0206.0

McNary vs. North Salem results:

126Derek Jones (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
132RJ Chacon (North Salem High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
138Leo Gonzalez (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
145Donovin Garcia (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
152Isaiah Manzo (McNary High School) over Nahaven Rose (North Salem High School) Fall 2:316.00
160Anthony Thomas (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
170Josh Friesen (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
182Double Forfeit00.0
195Jayce Olsen (North Salem High School) over Jensen Dubois (McNary High School) Fall 3:5806.0
220Double Forfeit00.0
HWTDiego Piceno (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
106Pedro Schay Vega (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
113Joey Barros (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00

McNary vs. Southridge results:

126Nicholas Dobbins (Southridge High School) over Derek Jones (McNary High School) Fall 0:3606.0
132Nicolas Garza (Southridge High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
138William Haqq (Southridge High School) over Leo Gonzalez (McNary High School) Fall 1:0206.0
145Rafael Mosqueda (McNary High School) over Anngel Cayetano- Piedra (Southridge High School) Fall 3:096.00
152Isaiah Manzo (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
160Anthony Thomas (McNary High School) over Lester MacAranas (Southridge High School) Fall 4:306.00
170Double Forfeit00.0
182Josh Friesen (McNary High School) over Bruno Denezza (Southridge High School) Fall 1:436.00
195Jensen Dubois (McNary High School) over Camden Chira (Southridge High School) Fall 1:406.00
220Noah Lundy (Southridge High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
HWTDiego Piceno (McNary High School) over Tyson Lopez (Southridge High School) Fall 2:376.00
106Pedro Schay Vega (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
113Joey Barros (McNary High School) over Eli Scott (Southridge High School) Fall 1:106.00
120Max Blanco (McNary High School) over Gavin Fritz (Southridge High School) Fall 1:046.00

McNary vs. Glencoe results:

132Javier Cazares (Glencoe High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
138William Wolter (Glencoe High School) over Leo Gonzalez (McNary High School) Fall 2:4606.0
145Rafael Mosqueda (McNary High School) over Ryan Mitchell (Glencoe High School) Fall 1:316.00
152Isaiah Manzo (McNary High School) over Joshua Halvorson (Glencoe High School) Fall 1:226.00
160Brody Baird (Glencoe High School) over Anthony Thomas (McNary High School) TF 22-605.0
170Josh Friesen (McNary High School) over Landan Delap (Glencoe High School) Fall 1:046.00
182Jamin Mac (Glencoe High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
195James Rolla Camden Roofner (Glencoe High School) over Jensen Dubois (McNary High School) Fall 3:1006.0
220Edson Cortes Jijon (Glencoe High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf06.0
HWTAndrew Bouska (Glencoe High School) over Diego Piceno (McNary High School) Fall 0:3506.0
106Pedro Schay Vega (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
113Joey Barros (McNary High School) over Joshua Andrade (Glencoe High School) Fall 0:546.00
120Max Blanco (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00
126Derek Jones (McNary High School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.00