Keizer’s 2021 honorees

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce announced winners at its annual First Citizen Awards at a banquet Saturday, Jan. 22. While the awards may be presented by the business organization, the honorees should be feted by the whole community for the impact they have had on Keizer. The First Citizen of[Read More…]

Disney offers another animated hit in Encanto

It might sound a bit oxymoronic, but ask any wizard, witch, or Istar and they will tell you that magic needs to follow a certain set of rules. What these rules are varies from work to work, but the underlying principle should stay the same: perform a certain action, expect[Read More…]


Several weeks ago I wrote about how January brings an opportunity to shape how the new year will be. I am always optimistic that things will turn out alright. What other choice do we have? I am not ready to concede that my optimism was misplaced, but three weeks into the[Read More…]

We can celebrate

“We did not come here from some other country like the white men did. We have always been here. Nature placed us in our lands.”         — Yellow Wolf, Nez Perce The original people of North America are known to have been here for the past 19,000 years or more. Their[Read More…]

Violence is never the answer

A number of recent surveys reveal that up to one third of those polled agreed that it is justified for citizens to take violent action against the government. We saw that in real time on January 6, 2021 at the nation’s capitol in Washington. That number should startle everyone. The[Read More…]

2022: Gloomy to bright?

For many people, this past year has signficantly outstripped 2020 as annus horribilis (a year of disaster or misfortune). Everyone will be forgiven for celebrating the new year with wild abandon (but, celebrate responsibly—don’t drink and drive). Take your pick for what made the past year practically unbearable for you[Read More…]