Percey Auction raises thousands for Christmas Giving Basket project

The Keizer Network of Women (KNOW), a Keizer Chamber of Commerce group, held its annual Persey Auction Thursday night, May 2, and raised nearly $40,000 for the basket project.

Royal Tea Party was the theme for the event held at the Keizer Event Center at the Keizer Civic Center.

Hundreds of women, dressed in their best ‘tea time’ outfits, filled the event center, seated at tables piled with finger sandwiches and trays of fresh dessert choices. Many of the attendees were teachers and staff from Keizer schools, who are invited to the annual event to be honored. The Persey Auction has recognized the school personnel for years, treating them to an evening of fun, handbags, food and drink.

Persey is a play on the word ‘purse.’ The net total raised will be joined with proceeds of the Bloomin’ Iris Golf Tournament, which will be held on May 17, at McNary Golf Club, to aid in funding for gifts of toys and clothing for kids in need as well as holiday meal ingredients.

Keizer Police Chief Andrew Copeland was the emcee for the evening. He and members of Men of Action in Keizer (MAK),were the only men in the room. Members of MAK sold beads and cleared tables.

Marion County Commissioner Danielle Bethell’s campaign was the title sponsor. She gave an impassioned speech about the importance of the Giving Basket project.

Dozens of items were available in the silent auction.
Each table was laden with tea sandwiches and trays of desserts.
Representing Cumming Elementary School were, front row, from left: Lindsey Shepherd, Vanessa Waits, Christina McFarland, Melissa Stinson. Back row from left: Rachelle Braiker, Alejandra Martinez, Emille Andersson and Imogene Ellison.
Representing Gubser Elementary .
Enjoying the festivities, from left: Leeanne Stevens, Sofia Boru, Shelly Elgi, Paula Moseley, Sheena Nash, Stephanie Wittman and Sunny Tucker.

Back row, from left;

Joining Danielle Bethell’s table were, from left: Caris Clarkson, Zamantha Chavez, Raegan Bethell and Natalie Bethell
Every type of tea hat was seen at the Persey Auction.
Betsy Vega (left) and Fatima Falcon.
Danielle Bethell, event sponsor, spoke to the crowd.