The Batman is a fantastic watch

Robert Pattinson dons the cape in The Batman. When the Comics Code Authority was established in the 1950s to appease those who thought the funny books were corrupting the minds of children with questionable themes, inherently dark characters like Batman entered an era of lighthearted camp. It was not until[Read More…]

What happens in Ukraine should matter to all of us

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the largest military action in Europe since World War II. Though Kyiv is almost 6,000 miles from Oregon, what is happening there is a concern for what may come next. Pundits try to understand what Vladimir Putin’s goal is. He is concerned about NATO encroaching[Read More…]

Hold the line just a bit longer

Mask mandates in Oregon are expected to be lifted by March 31, if not sooner. That is welcome news to everyone, especially students and their parents, who have been vocal about those requirements. Oregonians have a month yet to adhere to the mandates that have done so much to keep[Read More…]

Marry Me lacks rom-com originality

Most boy-meets-girl rom-coms follow the same basic structure: two people meet, slowly fall in love, have a misunderstanding that forces them apart, and then get back together at the end just in time for the credits. It’s a tried-and-true formula that has been shown to work over and over again,[Read More…]

A new chief

By time you read this Keizer will have a new city manager. After press time, Wednesday, the Keizer City Council met in a special session to interview the three finalists for the top management position in the city. Adam Brown, current city manager in Ontario, Ore.; Eileen Stein, current city[Read More…]

Book of Boba Fett underwhelming for Star Wars fans

If there is one thing that the highly fickle and fragmented Star Wars fandom can agree on, it’s that the only thing good to come out of 1978’s infamous Star Wars Holiday Special was the mysterious bounty hunter known as Boba Fett (and arguably Mark Hamill’s Carol Brady haircut). The[Read More…]

The city enters middle age

The city of Keizer is turning 40 years old in 2022. When voters approved incorporation in November 1982, Keizer became Oregon’s 13th largest city. The impetus to become a city was in part not to be annexed by Salem. Keizer was created as a limited services, low cost city. Keizer[Read More…]

Treat farmworkers fairly when it comes to overtime

During the wildfires, while daytime skies were dark in Willamette Valley, farm workers showed up to work. In the heatwaves, farm workers endured hazardous conditions while literally dying from heat exposure. Throughout this pandemic, farm workers show up to ensure we have fresh food while fighting for access to basic[Read More…]

Clooney’s Tender Bar adequate at best

I like to think that I have lived a fairly interesting life so far, but I am under no illusions that anyone would ever care to read a book or watch a movie about it. It’s a good life and it’s my own, but it just doesn’t have a narrative[Read More…]

City can make a public library a reality

Jim Scheppke’s recent opinion piece in Salem’s daily paper, Salem needs more branch libraries, is right on the mark. Those who understand the power that libraries bring to people have tried for decades to gain city support for branch libraries in the north and south areas of Salem. An even[Read More…]