The man, the legacy

Andrew Jackson

For more than 14 years he styled the look of the Keizertimes and its special sections. Andrew Jackson started his first tour of duty at this newspaper in early 2005, barely out of college, but eager to put his learned skills to work. The Keizertimes may have given Andy a job but he gave the Keizertimes things more valuable than that.

At the end of November Andy will close out his long career as graphic designer and production manager for the Keizertimes. He has opened his own design firm in Keizer. His new clients will soon be ecstatic over the work he does for them as our advertising clients here have benefited from his uber-professional and creative work. The Keizertimes and its clients were not the only ones to recognize his talent. The wall behind Andy’s desk at the newspaper office is filled with first place awards for his creativity and graphic work, awarded by members of newspaper associations in many other states across the nation.

Normally it would be an embarrassment of riches, but each one was truly earned. 

It is not just his graphic and production work that means so much to the Keizertimes. He is a faithful and loyal staff member whose personality has touched everyone he worked beside at the newspaper. Andy had achieved as much as he wanted and it is time to stretch his wings and follow his dream of owning his own company, &Rew Branding and Design

The Keizertimes does not harness anyone. We encourage our team members to follow their dreams and reach for their goals. That said, it will be a melancholy day when Andy leaves the office for the last time. He leaves a legacy that will be hard to match plus he leaves with the affection and respect of his colleagues.

Nothing lasts forever and change is good. Andy will be the second long-time Keizertimes employee to leave this year. Yet, this newspaper has a knack for attracting quality talent. Andy may be leaving but he is training his successor, Logan Turbes, who will find his own style of success here. Good luck to all you do, Andrew Jackson. 

       —Lyndon Zaitz