Pull the plug

The last of the meetings for stakeholders regarding the Keizer Revitalization Plan along Keizer’s main thoroughfare was held this week. The plan will provide a vision for revitalization of one of Keizer’s major commercial areas: River Road and Cherry Avenue. The plan, which will incorporate recommendations to the city council[Read More…]

Too many visitors?

There have been reports that some of the world’s important historical and tourist spots are being overwhelmed by visitors. The globe’s burgeoning middle class has discovered its wings and has joined First World tourists to cram such draws as Machu Picchu in Peru and Venice, Italy.  Machu Picchu, the ancient[Read More…]

Can we build a moral economy?

Do you build the economy from the top down or from the bottom up? And is the main purpose of the economy the production of things or the enhancement of life? I can imagine immediate objections to both questions. Don’t all successful economies involve bottom-up and top-down elements? Doesn’t everybody[Read More…]

The deficit in media questioning

Trade secret: We in the news media often hate the media, too.  I had such a moment Tuesday at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s annual summit when CNN senior congressional respondent Manu Raju interviewed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  The topic was supposed to be “fiscal sustainability”—a Washington phrase for curbing[Read More…]

A leader from start to finish

Another tree in the forest of Keizer leaders has fallen—Dennis Koho passed away this week. The former mayor and city councilor was still active until the day he died; he was preparing for a small role in a theatrical production this summer. Like most good leaders, Koho had many fans[Read More…]

Help for the homeless

Kudos to the Keizertimes for the piece on homelessness. Although the numbers of these Americans wax and wane through the months of the year, colder climates like those of New England, with undesirable outside-living conditions, are set in juxtaposition with states like California, where the climate for most of the state[Read More…]

To the Class of 2019

Whether you are graduating from college or high school, this time is yours.   You and your peers have grown up wanting for little. You’ve been told your whole life that you are special and a winner. Now is the time for you to prove those monikers to be rightly bestowed.[Read More…]

Is it the 1890s all over again?

“Robber Barons” is a catchy label. At a time not so long ago it was used by Americans to describe powerful, wealthy captains of industry who monopolized the railroads, the steel industry, the tobacco industry, the oil industry and all industries in the U.S. They emerged during the Industrial Revolution of[Read More…]

An era ends, a legacy continues

The passing of State Senator Jackie Winters brought to a close a decades-long era in Oregon State politics. Her service in the Capitol started as staff to Governors Tom McCall and Vic Atiyeh and saw Aher elected to the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the Senate, she rose to[Read More…]

Celebrate a flower or a community?

We refuse to believe that KeizerFEST (born as the Keizer Iris Festival) has run its course. But we do think that its current home at Keizer Lions Club and Cherry Avenue is the best place for an event of this size. When the festival moved from Keizer Station to the[Read More…]