Author: Bill Post

Wins at end of session

As I write this column Gov. Kate Brown signed HB 2648 into law. Finally, Oregonians can skip the doctor’s prescription to purchase Sudafed. When the 2021 legislative session began, passing this bill was one of my top priorities. Of course, supporting businesses, balancing the budget and fully funding education are[Read More…]

There is more agreement than not in legislature

House Republicans are currently slowing down the Oregon Legislature which is trying to rush passing more than 4,000 wide-ranging bills in a pandemic session. I felt it was important to explain the reasoning behind this while addressing some of the concerns that the media portrays as well as the concerns[Read More…]

A session begins

It’s been quite some time since my last column, mainly due to elections and the start of the 2021 legislative session. I want to acknowledge right away, thank you to publisher Lyndon Zaitz for allowing me to write this. I’d like to relay where my own bills are so far[Read More…]

Needed relief expected with special section

With Legislative Committee Days scheduled for this week, Christmas right around the corner, and the 2021 legislative session starting in January, Gov. Kate Brown has decided to call for a special session on December 21. What does this mean and what will be addressed? The governor has called for the[Read More…]

LETTER: My testimony before city council

[Delivered at Nov. 16 Keizer Ciy Council meeting] Madam Mayor, councilors and Keizer city staff,: First of all I want to address the ongoing issue of the “statement of value.” I believe the statement of values for our great city should be very clear, very concise and very simple.  “All[Read More…]

LETTER: Support for Ross Day for City Council

To the Editor: I am writing now not as your state representative, but as a Keizer citizen. I have known Ross Day for many years. He has helped me many, many times through difficult challenges I’ve faced.  He has been a valuable friend. I say that to emphasize one of[Read More…]

LETTER: First presidential debates of 2020

In last night’s debate we witnessed firsthand the effects of how we as a people in America are behaving lately.  Meaning, when what used to be referred to as the “F bomb” is now a commonly uttered word. When comedians depict themselves holding the severed head of the President, while[Read More…]

Governing during COVID-19

The strange spring, now summer, continues. Nothing is as we are all familiar with. From the beginning of the pandemic in March, our office has been flooded with emails and calls for help with unemployment. That, by far, is still the most common issue we’ve had to deal with. I[Read More…]

Special session unwise during pandemic

Governor Kate Brown and the majority in the Oregon Legislature are anxious to hold a “special session” on June 24. I want to know how this is good for Oregon in the current pandemic? How exactly does the Legislature hold a special session without implementing Phase 3 of the Governor’s[Read More…]

COVID-19 rules should be equal

Now that the May primary election is over, we can look forward to a robust General election in November. In this column, I’d like to write about something COVID-19 related, as all news seems to be lately, but in this case, something that isn’t gaining a lot of attention outside[Read More…]