LETTER: Support for Ross Day for City Council

To the Editor:

I am writing now not as your state representative, but as a Keizer citizen. I have known Ross Day for many years. He has helped me many, many times through difficult challenges I’ve faced. 

He has been a valuable friend. I say that to emphasize one of the tenets of Keizer: service. Ross has been involved in Oregon politics, quietly working in the background for many years, but always with “service” in mind. His expertise in land use law will be a huge asset to the Keizer City Council. The next few years will bring tremendous growth to our “little town” and we need someone who will protect it, yet help it to grow correctly. 

Ross Day is a man of strong character and conviction. His work with Camp Joshua for years has made a huge impact on the lives of many children. And his strong stand for the sanctity of life tells anyone a whole lot about his moral character. I strongly urge a vote for Ross Day for Keizer City Council.

Bill Post