Author: Gene H. McIntyre

Old days aren’t coming back

If it weren’t for having been raised with the cultural admonition that ‘real men don’t cry,’ it’d be easy for me to shed a tear nowadays over remembrances of my youth. During the small-person years of my childhood, my mother didn’t work outside our home so I often enjoyed arriving[Read More…]

Uphold the oath

Recently, while asleep, I experienced walking a steep, high mountain trail that dead-ended only to have the return path blocked by a slide. I could jump and risk death or starve. Thankfully, I awoke to a safe bedroom in Keizer. The dream just may have been inspired by political events[Read More…]

Infrastructure bill is a lifeline

My wife and I took our first sea cruise in the early 1970s, journeying down the west coast of Mexico to visit such well-known watering holes as Acapulco and Mazatlán. My travel experiences had already included a lot of western Canada and European nations during a sister city exchange program[Read More…]

A grand sense of ownership of the US

Only a couple weeks to wait until spring occurs in the Northern Hemisphere and I couldn’t be happier than I am today at the prospect of a new year in America during my favorite season. For openers, no state in the union is prettier or more promising in a display[Read More…]

Political theater amid a pandemic

What would readers guess goes on behind the locked-down Oregon capitol these days?   Well, some surmise that there could be legislators wandering the silenced halls in search of doors not locked so Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists can enter when needed. Others may seek solace by engaging in muted[Read More…]


LETTER: Hither to the republic

Increasingly common, are media reports about the number of new and aspiring groups in Oregon that are led by persons who’ve decided to replace the elected officials and established authorities with themselves.  They are exampled by regional networks known as New-Nazis, People’s Rights, Proud Boys, White Supremacists, Three Percenters and[Read More…]

Current events call for look at policing

As a 21-year resident of Keizer, I must have come of age. Seriously, I’m an adult citizen who cares about what happens here with interests that include local policing. A timely event was the Keizertimes interview with Keizer Police Chief John Teague. (Policing with minority perspectives in mind, June 12). The[Read More…]

Bravery in service of the US

When interviewed, young people believe they are free of harm. That false sense of believing in their immortality has made them fodder for leaders since the beginning of time, who’ve used their youth to battle adversaries. Nevertheless, there are always a few among those facing a battle who are mature and[Read More…]

Two wrongs don’t make a right

The old saying, ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right,’ renounces wrongful conduct and responds to the wrongdoing of others. However, can three, four, five or six wrongs make a right?  Some would argue that trillions of wrongs together can’t make one right. Meanwhile, right is right even if no one is[Read More…]

Everyone should get moving during COVID

What’s been noticed already with the coronavirus pandemic is a big change with positive ramifications. That change has to do with the greatly increased number of people who’ve decided to turn off the TV to take walk, jog, shooting of baskets, the hitting of golf balls, the taking of a hike,[Read More…]