Author: Lauren Murphy

Get ready for National Night Out

Maddie Worledge takes a turn directing a firehose during National Night Out 2018 in the Meadows neighborhood.  Across the nation, on the first Tuesday of August, communities will come together to celebrate positive connections between the community and local law enforcement. For the 36 year in a row residents are[Read More…]

Youth councilor ends service

McNary High School rising senior Anne Farris recently completed her term as Keizer’s youth councilor. Keizer prides itself on volunteerism, no where is it more evident than in the City Council. Apart from the councilors who volunteer their time after work, there are several opportunities for students to serve on city committees[Read More…]

Get trauma-informed at half-day workshop

“Trauma-informed” might seem like the latest cultural buzz word, but Danielle Vander Linden knows it can help in everything from work to home life.  “Whether they apply it to their professional life or their personal life, there’s something for everyone in this,” Linden said.  Linden will be leading the training Becoming[Read More…]

The truth about climate change and how you can help

Look outside on any Oregon day and the sun will be beaming down. Look out the same window a couple hours later and it’s highly likely that it will be pouring down rain. While most Oregonians will say, “That’s Oregon weather for you,” unpredictable weather is a sign of a bigger[Read More…]

But play a prank on someone anyway

April Fools Day can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. I never know where to start or what to do. So I played some pranks around the office that are safe, fun, and easy to replicate. Eye roll: Googly eyes are fun, that’s a fact[Read More…]

The facts and fiction of St. Patrick

March 17th is the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. This day, much like Valentines Day, has an interesting history. Although he is traditionally associated with Ireland, St. Patrick was actually born in Britain. He was brought to Ireland at the age of 16, went back to Britain and eventually returned[Read More…]