Author: Lauren Murphy

Behind the badge: Detective Tim Lathrop

Det. Tim Lathrop has been with the Keizer Police Department for more than two decades, but he didn’t start his journey as a detective. He worked as an officer in Lebanon for four years and got hired at KPD in 1998 where he worked as a patrol officer. Roughly a[Read More…]

Behind the badge: Officer Tim Hein

Officer Tim Hein Hein was sworn into the Keizer Police Department (KPD) at a city council meeting in late October. He came from the Silverton Police Department (SPD), where he worked for 10 years. He was hired on at the SPD straight out of college and worked on patrol and[Read More…]

Holiday haul

The Greater Gubser Neighborhood Association collected $41,625.96 for the Marion Polk Food Share during its annual Keizer Mircale of Lights display through December. Members of the association presented the donation to Rick Guapo, executive director of the food share, at a small ceremony Thursday, Dec. 31.

Behind the badge: Officer Travis Ricketts

Officer Travis Ricketts Travis Ricketts has been with the Keizer Police Department (KPD) for six years, but before he put on the uniform he was a mechanic. When asked why he became a police officer he simply said two words, “9/11.” He was already a reserve officer for Keizer, but[Read More…]

Behind the badge: Officer Jennifer Starns

Starns has worked with the Keizer Police Department for over two years. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in contemporary music, but then switched courses to become a veterinary technician. Though she loved being surprised with new challenges every day and helping animals, it wasn’t the job she wanted to[Read More…]

Local gift giving

Hand crafted earrings from Sparrow Furniture. Sparrow Furniture Sparrow Furniture is a local store that employees refugees who have been relocated to the area. The store teaches refugees how to woodwork and craft items, both large and small, as well sales and customer service skills. They offer ornaments, earrings, coasters[Read More…]