Local gift giving

Hand crafted earrings from Sparrow Furniture.

Sparrow Furniture

Sparrow Furniture is a local store that employees refugees who have been relocated to the area. The store teaches refugees how to woodwork and craft items, both large and small, as well sales and customer service skills. They offer ornaments, earrings, coasters and picture frames for smaller gifts. 1264 Broadway St. N.E. 503-581-2129. Local Sparrow.

Keizer Liquor Store also offers seasonal home decor.

Keizer Liquor Store

Gift sets of beer, liquor and mixers or wine can all be purchased locally at Keizer Liquor Store. They have seasonal home decor to add something extra to your warm greetings. [email protected]. 971-273-0456. Local Liquor

Chuck’s BBQ

From pellets to rubs to unique accessories, Chuck’s BBQ on River Road has a gift for any level of grill master. Their most popular seasonal offering is their turkey blend, which includes a rub and brine kit and a mix of hardwood pellets. 3800 River Rd. N. 503-302-8489.

Wild Things Games 

Wild Things Games is a gamer haven. They offer figurines, paints, board games, expansion packs for card games and just about anything else a dedicated gamer could need. For holiday gifts this store recommends extension packs for something your gamer already plays or family board game. 241 Commercial St. N.E. 503-369-3263. Local Game

Uptown Music 

The best bet for finding the perfect gift for your music lover is to take them with you, but if you want something for them to unwrap during the holidays the store’s team will work with you to help you find the perfect gift. Tuners and strings make good stocking stuffers, or you can go for a larger gift like an acoustic guitar. 3827 River Rd. N. 503-393-4437.

Top Drawer

Whether the teen in your life is into current trends or vintage throwbacks, a gift card to the Top Drawer is a safe bet. The Salem store has a bit of every type of clothing, but during the holidays they sell a lot of knicknacks and jewelry. 198 Liberty St. N.E. 503-586-8715.

EZ Orchards

Feed two birds with one scone by stopping at EZ Orchards for a Christmas tree and some holiday décor. Whether it’s for you or a friend, their wreaths, linens and seasonal foods – like marionberry preserves and gourmet hot chocolate – are sure to please. 5504 Hazelgreen Rd. N.E. 503-393-1506.

Freckled Bee

If there are a lot of ladies on your gift list this season a trip to the Freckled Bee could save some time. They make clothing for girls and women of all ages, custom T-shirts and drinkware. 105 Liberty St. S.E. 971-208-9233.

Bricks N’ Minifigs

LEGOS are good for both literal and inner children. Pick out a set for someone to build, or choose a gift card if they’re looking for something specific. $5 mini figs are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. 3670 River Rd. N. 503-390-1830. 

Festive scrubs from the Willamette Humane Society Thrift Store.

Willamette Humane Society Thrift Store

For affordable clothing or gifts for pets the Willamette Humane Society Thrift Store is the spot. 548 High St NE, Salem. 503-362-6892.

Blouses and necklaces from Gatsby. The store also offers 1920’s style dresses and home decor.


This small boutique brings back trends from the past. Whether you’re looking for a dazzling dress or home décor, Gatsby has it. 379 State St, Salem.

Coffee Grounds from Sisters Coffee Co. can be found at The Arbor. Proceeds from this specific blend goes to COVID-19 relief blend.

The Arbor

For the friend who loves to cook, the Arbor has all the necessities. Whether it be salt, locally pressed olive oil or wine, this shop has Oregon-made products for everything. 367 State St., Salem. 971-599-5598

A mug gift set from Bearded Oregon, located in the Reid Opera House.

Bearded Oregon

Balms, oils, combs and more can be found at Bearded Oregon. The recommended gift for the bearded ones in your life is a gift set which features a mug, balm, oil and comb. 189 Liberty St NE Suite 105, Salem. 503-544-1045.

This rack is full of clothing marked with alternative and rock bands.

The Awkward Peach Boutique

This place is a haven for awkward and alternative teens in your life. Shirts featuring rock and alternative bands, jewelry and profanity stickers are just some of their offerings.189 Liberty St NE Ste 104C. TheAwkwardPeachBoutique. 503-569-4697.

Hand carved nightlight nativity scenes.


A Fair Trade, not-for-profit retailer of quality, artisan-crafted home décor, accessories, candles, personal care items, jewelry, musical instruments, holiday items, cards, baskets, carvings and food products such as coffee, chocolate, cocoa and tea. 474 Court Street N.E. in Salem, 503-585-1636.

A vintage table set and serving tray.

Romantic Decay

This local antique store offers quirky and unique finds for the less mainstream people on your list. 3070 River Rd N #A, Salem. 503-269-6200

One of the many types of desk/house plants.

The Sun Bear Den

If you’re shopping for a loose acquaintance or a devoted plant lover, this plant shop has got your back. Their stock ranges from small cacti to more involved, high maintenance plants. 89 Liberty St SE #101, Salem. 

Ricky’s Bubbles & Sweets Shoppe has every type of candy known to man, they also offer a selection of unique sodas.

Ricky’s Bubbles & Sweets Shoppe

The self proclaimed one-stop shop for stocking stuffers has all the throw back candies, soda pops and random knickknacks you need to fill a sock for the holidays. 102 Liberty St NE Suite 130 Salem. 971-599-5678.