Author: Lauren Murphy

Listen to students on SROs

As the debate around Student Resource Officers (SRO) in schools continues on social media, there is one phrase that continually gets under my skin, “I think parents would feel….” The first problem I have with this phrase is “I think…”. This implies that the commentor is not a parent themselves[Read More…]

Local man puts on firework show for those in need

The pandemic has made things hard for many in recent months which means some families had to forgo the fireworks and festivities on the Fourth of July this year.  Keizerite David Peyree wanted to help local families celebrate by sharing what he’s been blessed with. Peyree put out an open[Read More…]

Pandemic sidelined flags on 4th

Several Keizer residents took to Facebook this weekend to announce their disapproval of the lack of flags displayed by the city for on the Fourth of July. “I was driving River Road this morning and noted the absence of our flags on this Independence Day. This was very disturbing and[Read More…]