Author: Lauren Murphy

No Adults Allowed: Fun (and weird) facts about Oregon

• Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States (Klamath County). • Mill End Park is the world’s smallest park (Portland). • Oregon residents own a 25% of the United States ‘ total llama population. • The official state nut is a hazelnut. Oregon is the only state[Read More…]

Vortex is Oregon at its strangest

A historical photo of the House of Mystery at the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill, Ore. Balls don’t roll up hill, it’s a basic law of gravity, but there’s a tiny place in southern Oregon that’s breaking the rules. While it’s widely debated whether or not the Oregon Vortex is[Read More…]

Ready to be (Capt.) Marvel-ed?

Artwork by McNary High School senior Kianna Johnson. Follow her on Instagram: @oozean Over the years there have been several Captain Marvels, but Marvel Studios will release its first Captain Marvel film this month. In the comics, Carol Danvers (the character in the upcoming movie) starts out as a United[Read More…]