Local man puts on firework show for those in need

The pandemic has made things hard for many in recent months which means some families had to forgo the fireworks and festivities on the Fourth of July this year. 

Keizerite David Peyree wanted to help local families celebrate by sharing what he’s been blessed with.

Peyree put out an open invitation on Facebook for people who were not able to celebrate to come and watch their fireworks. Though he did not get many responses from the Keizer group he posted in, he had a few people show up, including: three to four families from his apartment complex, an employee from the massage parlor and a car that stopped to watch the festivities.

“Me and my brother were lighting them off, trying to get through them as quickly as possible so people could go back to their evenings,” Peyree said. He clarified that all of the fireworks were legal in Oregon.

Between working as a call center rep and being a member of various local Facebook groups, Peyree has encountered a lot of people who are struggling due to COVID-19. 

“I think now more than ever it’s important for hope and community to thrive,” he said.

Because he has been able to work from home, Peyree was fortunate enough to have extra money to spend on fireworks. He said this was the first year he’d seen empty firework stands, which made him think people were skipping the fireworks to make ends meet.

“There’s no reason for families and kids to miss out if I have enough to get what I need and put on a good show,” Peyree said.

He said he was glad he got the opportunity to serve his community, even if it was only a few members.

“This isn’t the time to save or prepare, this is the time to share, if you have enough to share. The only way we’re going to get through this is if we get through this together,” Peyree said.