Behind the badge: Officer Travis Ricketts

Officer Travis Ricketts

Travis Ricketts has been with the Keizer Police Department (KPD) for six years, but before he put on the uniform he was a mechanic.

When asked why he became a police officer he simply said two words, “9/11.” He was already a reserve officer for Keizer, but after 9/11 he made the move to a full time officer in Beaverton.

He came back to KPD because it is a smaller department, there were more opportunities and because of family.

“To come back and help my community, the community that my parents live in. And at the time my sister was living here. It was easier for me instead of being an hour away,” Ricketts said. The community was in need of officers, so he applied to work in his hometown. Keizer is biggest small town he could think of, Ricketts added.

Despite seeing highly unusual situations everyday, Ricketts seems unfazed by the chaos.

“I will tell people stories and they’ll think those are weird, but I don’t. I’ve been kind of numb to everything I don’t think I have any weird stories,” Ricketts said. “[But] there are a lot of naked people on the job, I’ve noticed that. I’d say that seems to be kind of a thing.”

Because of his time as a reserve officer he was desensitized to the unexpected things officers are called to handle.

Through this year of sickness, anti-police protests and fires, Ricketts has continued to do his job because the community is in need.

“It always goes back to the small community I grew up in. I remember what it was like when I was a kid and so it makes me want to continue to make this community a safe community for people to live in,” Ricketts said.

He said it has been a joy to serve his community and looks forward to (hopefully) better circumstances for everyone in 2021.