Meeting Flix: The Conser Lake Monster

The air is crisp and the sky is dark. You and your friend are walking through the woods, a morbid curiosity creeping through your body, a voice comes through the air, “I am called Flix. There are many like me, but I am the one called Flix.”

You look up to see a large shadowy figure and hear boots crashing through the woods as he runs off.

This is what Betty Westby and her psychic friend claim to have experienced in 1960. Her friend wished to stay anonymous, but claimed that the message came to her telepathically, which means that she heard it in her head.

The message came from the Conser Lake Monster, though he prefers to go by Flix. He has been described as a semiaquatic, albino Bigfoot; with cat ears and webbed feet. Standing more than seven feet tall, Flix is quiet the sight. That is if you can find him.

Conser Lake is out in Millersburg, Ore., between Keizer and Eugene. It’s known for having something in the air. The town’s paper mill (which is now shut down) mixed with the scent of the local mint farms to give off an unique smell. Apparently, encounters with Flix make the smell disappear (or maybe they are just replaced with the strong smell of soggy lake monster).

In 1959, a man claimed to see a large white furred primate running alongside his truck, which was going 35 miles an hour. Imagine a giant ape running next to your car as you drive down River Road, but in the forest and in the dark … spooky.

In the 1950s, teenagers liked to hang out in the woods – without technology what else would you do? A group from Albany (which is a stone throw away from Millersburg) went down to the lake to hang out. The story goes that two people in the group went ahead and hid in the bushes to scare the others. The joke was on them, because behind them stood Flix.

They ran as fast as humanly possible and told everyone that Conser Lake did in fact have a monster. The town quickly rallied and set out to find the alleged monster. Thrill seekers and monster hunters came from all over to try and catch the mysterious being. According to Westby, the monster hunters are what scared Flix off from their otherwise pleasant conversation during her trip to Conser Lake.