Author: KT Staff

Spring into action 

April can have unpredictable weather patterns in the Pacific Northwest. Mostly rainy days with breaks of sun. Cooler temperatures and sometimes even ice and snow have made appearances in early spring. 

But you can still get your hands dirty.

SmartJacks, a below-grade solution when wooden posts fail 

Under your home are wooden posts, installed while the home is being built and made to fit the home’s needs at that moment. As the years progress, the soil that the home sits on begins to settle. 

Those once perfectly fit posts end up floating above their footing, causing the living spaces to encounter bouncing floors as well as doors sticking in their frames.

Gubser walks 

Each evening, the walk will commence at 6:30 p.m. at Bob Newton Park, the informal stroll will wind throughout Gubser. Walkers are encouraged to bring along kids, dogs and friends.

“Now I can’t wait for the world to end” -Fallout

As existentially horrifying as the idea of nuclear war is, I will say that at least it has inspired some creative fiction over the years. 

For a good example look no further than Fallout, the hugely popular video game series where the roaches are humongous, the mutated monsters are plentiful and the Geiger counters enthusiastically sing their clicky song of death.

Keizer Public Square

Public Square welcomes all points of view. Published submissions do not necessarily reflect the views of the Keizertimes 

Flag football begins at McNary

The flag football era began at McNary High School with a Jamboree on Saturday, April 6.

Eleven girls and one boy geared up for their games, coached by Tracy Rhoades.

Disney+ revives a classic Marvel cartoon in X-Men ’97 

Kids WB was always my jam but if I had ever deviated from my strict schedule and flipped over to Fox Kids I would have no doubt fallen in love with X-Men, the massively popular animated adaptation of Marvel’s classic band of merry mutants. 

The show was such a hit that Disney decided to continue it 27 years later with X-Men ‘97, an enjoyable cheese-fest with cool action, beautiful animation and an intergenerational appeal.