Corpe officially heading to OSU

Maddie Corpe signs her National Letter of Intent to attend and play volleyball at Oregon State University inside the McNary High School library on Nov. 9. (JOSHUA MANES/Keizertimes)

Early in the morning — on a late-start day no less — Maddie Corpe sat at a table draped with a McNary blue sheet, the orange and black of OSU spread across it, and she put pen to paper. 

In front of her family, coaches and administrators, the senior setter for Celtic volleyball signed her National Letter of Intent to attend and play volleyball at Oregon State University on Nov. 9 in the McNary library.

“It feels amazing. I am so excited,” Corpe said. “Excited to travel, do all the things. To be in it and fully committed, I am so excited.”

Even with all her excitement, Corpe admits that she’s also nervous about all of it.

The step from high school athletics to collegiate is always a big one, especially when heading to a prominent Division I school. 

Corpe knows that it will be a challenge for her, but she looks forward to seeing how she does at OSU.

And her focus isn’t only on the court.

“I’m excited to see how I do in those situations, and with school work and what I prioritize,” Corpe said. “Hopefully I prioritize my family and stuff like that. But hopefully I just have fun. I’m just planning on having a blast and seeing the country, getting new connections and relationships.”

McNary head coach Crystal Ayres probably doesn’t think those new connections and relationships will be an issue for Corpe.

Ayres described her as a “connection player.”

“She creates relationships with her teammates, which is bonding, and as a setter, that’s basically someone that touches the ball every play,” Ayres said. “So having great relationships with all of your teammates just creates that initial trust. That alone will contribute to her success as a freshman.”

During the season, Corpe had 90 of the 94 sets for the Celtics, and more than 80% of the assists on the team.

Growing up, Corpe said much of her family was divided in the rivalry between the Beavers and Ducks. And while Corpe admits she’s been a fan of both through the years, she knows the truth.

“Secretly I was always an Oregon State fan,” Corpe said.

Corpe said she had always wanted to play at Oregon State. The proximity to home, less than an hour drive is nice.

And she hopes to be able to share the experiences with her family as she got to share this experience.

“They are my number one support team and I hope to take them everywhere I go,” Corpe said. “Travelling is going to be fun, but hopefully they get to join. They’re just my everything.”