Grassroots Government March

Traffic Safety/Bikeways and Pedestrians Committee

Meeting held: March 21

What happened: One public comment was made from Shaney Starr. She discussed a list of traffic safety issues such as speeding that occurs in the Country Glen neighborhood, speeding on River Road, the lack of traffic control devices in the area and high traffic in the area. 

Starr also discussed the high amount of traffic in Keizer Station noting it took her around 10 minutes to get out of the area. 

Starr noted that while multiple speed studies the city has conducted have concluded no extra traffic management is required she finished saying that while “studies are great [they] do not equate to a person in a car having to wait 10 minutes trying to get out of Keizer Station.” 

Starr finished her list discussing the roundabout at Verda Lane noting that more talks about traffic safety needs to occur in regards to it such as a protected crossing area, comparing the current situation to the video game Frogger.

The next public comments came from Rhonda Rich and Rob Witters of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association about a speed table and flashing signs study that occurred on Shoreline Drive. 

During a WKNA meeting in 2023, members described how the flashing signs appeared to be effective in slowing down drivers in the area. 

Witters spoke to the association’s efforts to gather input on the effectiveness of speed signs as well as flashing signs in the area. 

35 houses were contacted with around 16 residents  giving comments altogether through these efforts. 

General consensus from gathered input was that the signage in the area worked in regards to slowing down traffic on Shoreline Drive, according to Witters. 

The committee next reviewed the current list of traffic and roadway projects in Keizer. To find the current list, check them out in the March 21 meeting minutes at 

The committee outlined several major upcoming projects as well, specifically, the Aurora-Donald Interchange open house, the Verda Lane ODOT project as well as the new turf field installation at Keizer Rapids Park. 

Members made two motions in regards to creating studies to further explore the installation of sidewalks near the Verda roundabout as well as a study investigating the inclusion of more bike lanes in the city. 

The committee dealt with designating a member to work with the Public Works, Keizer United and others to do more research about a street art program for Keizer. Committee member Hersch Sangster volunteered to lead the effort.

Chair Saldivar noted that an ODOT speed information video has been posted to the Traffic Safety section of, according to Saldivar. 

Member De Blasi discussed adjusting traffic lights within Keizer so as to create a five second lead time for crossing pedestrians in order to enhance walking traffic safety. 

Public Works liaison noted that the City of Salem uses a three second timer for pedestrians and that developing a clearer picture of what areas would benefit most from this light timer delay. 

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