Go take a hike

National Take a Hike Day, a day to get outside and hit the trails, is on Friday, Nov. 17 and can be enjoyed anywhere an outdoor path can be found. 

Despite it being a little colder this time of year, the reward for gong on a hike cannot be understated. From the improvement to your emotional and mental state from being outside to the physical exercise, hiking allows you to connect more with yourself and nature. 

With nearly 3,000 offical trails in Oregon, the opportunity to go and find that perfect path could not be more considerable. 

Established by the American Hiking Society, Take a Hike Day was first begun with the intention of pushing more people to spend time outside as well as getting more families and friends to make that adventure as a group. 

Ultimately, Take A Hike Day was made to remind everyone that humans are still creatures of the wild as much we are creatures of civilization. Getting out into nature does a wild soul good as that feeling can be captured and taken home. 

Take a Hike Day—which is less than a week before Thanksgiving— also provides the perfect chance to burn some extra calories before that big holiday meal. 

Hiking is easy and even better, the holiday can be celebrated anywhere. If you can not make it out to a park, taking a stroll along a tree-lined avenue is still a great way to enjoy the holiday. 

For those interested in checking out some stupendous hiking locations close by you can check out Keizer Rapids Park, Minto-Brown Island Park. If you are willing to make a drive then be sure to check out the South Falls at Silver Falls State Park.