Arbor holds sale for Alzheirmers Association

Saturday, Aug. 26, The Arbor at Avamere Court and its residents gathered in their parking lot and sold sweet treats to raise money for a good cause. 

The Arbor at Avamere Court and its staff hosted a garage and a bake sale in their facility parking lot on Aug. 26. With proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Association, this event allowed employees, residents, and their families to be active in the community. 

Employees spent time beforehand baking and preparing desserts to be sold for the big day. The prices varied depending on the treat. Residents’ families donated old items from their homes to be a part of the facility’s “parking lot sale”, which is a big garage sale but in The Arbor parking lot. 100% of the money from the sales went to the Alzheimer’s Association. 

The event ended up being a success with both the bake and parking lot sales being busy. The fundraiser was held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. At one point, a Keizer local bought out the entire bake sale for her church. The Arbor at Avamere Court was unable to provide an exact amount of the money raised from Saturday. 

The Avamere Family of Companies participates in fundraisers for the Alzheimer’s Association every year. Usually, it is a fundraising walk in either Salem or Portland. This year, The Arbor at Avamere Court wanted to do something new. 

Sales and Outreach Director Elisabeth Gifford was in charge of the sales for Saturday. She says having events like this is important to keep the residents and their families involved and working in the community. 

“It’s like a mini competition between each facility,” Gifford said. “We really want to raise the most money.”