Author: Madi Lietz

PHOTOS: McNary students came together and rocked out

Nov. 1 was the first McNary Audio Production Technology (APT) Stage Show of the 2023-2024 school year, including student-made bands such as Astrea, Sight and Soul, Diabella, Postal, Pacific Islander Collective, Latino Collective, 5 FOR REALL, EDM Collective, and Deadringer. 

SKEA packs the board room in protest to mediation

At the “Pack the Board Room” event by the Salem-Keizer Education Association (SKEA), members rallied outside of the board room on Commercial Street to show the Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) that they would not be silent. After rallying, as many members as possible went inside the room for a public-described “heavy” SKPS school board meeting. 

Program picks up where Suicide Prevention Month left off

Sources of Strength is a student-led mental health awareness leadership program with curriculums created by the Oregon Health Authority along with counselors and therapists. Guidance Counselor Leah Anderson organized a Sources of Strength group at McNary High School last spring and is now starting to make campaigns with a group of 15 students.

Value of the exchange

McNary teacher Melissa Burlingame, specializing in Advanced Placement Human Geography (AP HUG) and World History, flew to a once-in-a-lifetime experience in June. Burlingame was one of seven teachers selected by the Northeast Asian History Foundation to attend a geographic education conference and field study in Seoul, South Korea.

Time to take your pick

It’s the season for fresh summer produce and berry-picking fun. The following are places in or near Keizer where local produce or berry-picking opportunities can be found.