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Astley: defense “balled out” at jamboree

New McNary head coach Connor Astley had nothing but good things to say about his team following their jamboree matchups with Sherwood and Tigard on Friday, Aug. 26.

“I thought the kids played exceptionally well,” Astley said. “I thought our defense balled out.”

According to Astley, the only big play they gave up to Sherwood was the very first play of the game, something he attributed to their unfamiliarity with the Wing-T offense that Sherwood runs. 

But, Astley said he felt the team reacted to a punch in the mouth and locked down. The only other play over 10 yards that they allowed, Astley attributed to a bad play call on his part. 

On the offensive side, there were a few little knee tweaks and rolled ankles that Astley said limited a few guys, but nothing to be concerned with. 

When they played Tigard, Astley said they never allowed the opposing offense to cross the 50-yard line when starting a drive from their own 20.

“I’m really excited for what our defense can do, especially when guys are healthy and flying around and having fun,” Astley said. “The energy is there, and I think that’s what defense is all about.”