In-N-Out traffic plans begin to crystallize

The Keizer Station In-N-Out might not open until mid or late December if indications from a recent meeting between the corporation and city staff are any indication. 

In a weekly update on city business, City Manager Chris Eppley said In-N-Out is likely to request a special event permit from the city at its second December meeting, Dec. 16. The permit would be required to put out signage directing traffic. 

“I believe it is going to be very busy, but manageable given [In-N-Out’s] willingness to expend whatever resources they need to in order to keep the roads working,” Eppley said. 

Eppley said the plans are being drafted for increased traffic lasting two weeks, but added that three weeks is more likely given Keizer’s close proximity to Portland. 

The current plan involves stacking drive-through traffic from the entrance to In-N-Out to roughly the Cherriots transit center. 

“This would be accomplished by segregating off a lane with cones and flaggers just for those wanting to use the drive-through,” Eppley said. 

In-N-Out has the ability to stack 80 vehicles on site for the drive-through with an additional 70 spaces for dine-in. The business is planning for a peak of 180-vehicles in the drive-through line based on other openings. Traffic stacking is not expected to impact Interstate 5. 

Another option includes stacking vehicles in the parking lot of Volcanoes Stadium and then metering them out to the east side of Target. Eppley said the In-N-Out planned meetings with Volcanoes and Target representatives to determine if an agreement could be reached. 

Regardless of which plan gets greenlit, there are going to be opportunities for Keizer Police Department traffic team member to work overtime paid for by In-N-Out to augment the flagging crew they are hiring.

Representatives from Holiday Inn Express & Suites and the shopping center management team also attended the meeting.