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Book Review: “Trauma Sponges: Dispatches from the Scarred Heart of Emergency Response” by Jeremy Norton

Norton was there when George Floyd was killed, and he has some strong words about racism within his workplace, and the system at large. He’s seen plenty of despair on the streets, and he writes with grace about the downtrodden people he meets. He muses on the pandemic, and his total inability to understand why other EMTs didn’t get vaccinated. 

Ball Pit comedy visits Keizer on Oct 6

Willamette Valley Comedy Club will present Ball Pit Comedy at Keizer Homegrown Theatre on Friday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. This one-of-a-kind comedy show combines live stand-up comedy with audience distractions straight out of the ball pit. What is Ball Pit Comedy? While the comedians are on stage, the audience[Read More…]

Book Review: “Black AF History: The Un-Whitewashed Story of America” by Michael Harriot

Thanksgiving is coming soon and you know the story. A bunch of white folks came over in a boat, and landed on a rock. When it was November, they had a party and invited the Indians. Or not. Actually, mostly not, says Michael Harriot. In his new book “Black AF History,” you’ve been lied to. Even[Read More…]

Book Review: “The League of Lady Poisoners,” written and illustrated by Lisa Perrin

You heard there’s a special creme inside them, so you’ll be sure to have one or five. The pies smell delicious; sweetness and a nip of sour, your favorite. Cake, cookies, pile that plate and forget the diet. As in the new book, “The League of Lady Poisoners,” written and illustrated by Lisa Perrin, some foods are simply to die for.

NPRA finals coming

The finals of the Northwest Pro Rodeo Association (NPRA) will be held in the Historic Horse Arena at the Oregon State Fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 22 and 23.