More thrills than education 

You don’t need to do much to impress me when it comes to documentaries. As long as they report the facts and feature subjects that are at least vaguely interesting, I can usually stomach them, music and editing aside. 

“Now I can’t wait for the world to end” -Fallout

As existentially horrifying as the idea of nuclear war is, I will say that at least it has inspired some creative fiction over the years. 

For a good example look no further than Fallout, the hugely popular video game series where the roaches are humongous, the mutated monsters are plentiful and the Geiger counters enthusiastically sing their clicky song of death.

Disney+ revives a classic Marvel cartoon in X-Men ’97 

Kids WB was always my jam but if I had ever deviated from my strict schedule and flipped over to Fox Kids I would have no doubt fallen in love with X-Men, the massively popular animated adaptation of Marvel’s classic band of merry mutants. 

The show was such a hit that Disney decided to continue it 27 years later with X-Men ‘97, an enjoyable cheese-fest with cool action, beautiful animation and an intergenerational appeal.

A contemporary ’80s tough guy movie 

Like a lot of millennials, I was first introduced to a lot of ’80’s movies via Family Guy. From that context, I gathered that the film Road House involved Patrick Swayze in mom jeans and violence, but other than that, I couldn’t tell you anything else. 

I can tell you a bit about the 2024 re-imagining with Jake Gyllenhaal, though. 

It’s fine.

Sandler gets serious, again

Adam Sandler has admitted that often he picks roles depending on whether or not they let him travel to exotic locations so he can essentially have a studio-paid vacation while only occasionally doing work in front of the camera. 

Desert planet film provides deluge of stars, action, and plot 

Dune: Part Two was a slightly different beast—sure, it may be a whole 18 minutes longer, but I found 2021’s Part One to be exceptional.

And even though  Denis Villeneuve’s latest adaptation may have taken up a good chunk of my evening I have to say—I loved every minute of it.

What Keizer was talking about in 2023

As the year comes to a close, there were more than a few topics that had Keizer abuzz. Inside are clips of the stories about the celebrations and successes, the controversies and struggles, the people and the stories that Keizer was talking about in 2023.