Author: Bee Flint

Pro-choice rallies continue

Protestors hold signs outside of the Oregon State Capitol on Sunday, July 10, to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade. A pro-choice rally occurred on Sunday, July 10, at the Oregon State Capitol in protest of Roe v. Wade being overturned.  The protestors held signs and waved at passing[Read More…]

New hot tub business opens doors

A new hot tub business, Western Hot Tub & Supply, opened up mid-May. The store owners, Andrew Monsrud and Danny South, believe their business is bringing something new to the community. Monsrud started repairing hot tubs after he graduated high school. When one of his classmate’s father needed help with[Read More…]

A new generation taking KSLM Radio forward

The owners of KSLM Radio left to right: Amanda Smith, Jaci Smith, Katie Wilson, Cynthia Ramirez. KSLM Radio is a daily radio station located in Salem. The station, which is a family owned business, was recently passed down in January to four sisters: general manager Jaci Smith, office manager and[Read More…]

The importance of Pride month

June is LGBTQ+ pride month which celebrates different sexualities, gender identities and focuses on educating ourselves and others about the history of the community.  The Stonewall Riots is a crucial aspect of the LGBTQ+ community’s history, as it completely changed what rights gay and trans people have. On June 28,[Read More…]

Wheelchairs welcome at nursery grand opening

Terra Gardens Nursery & Bark is having a grand opening on Saturday, June 4 for their new greenhouse that is attached to the garden center. During the grand opening, there will be roses and hanging baskets on sale, rock painting and free soil for every plant and pot purchased.  Dan[Read More…]

We all scream for ice cream

What seemed like the end for a local ice cream truck owner’s business suddenly blossomed into a new adventure for one of his workers who decided to take over. Dennis Roeper, the previous owner of Keizer Ice Cream, started the business after going to get his daughter ice cream and[Read More…]

Irises slow to bloom, but Schreiner’s is open

May is normally bloom season for our local bearded irises, but you wouldn’t know it this year. A cooler and wetter winter and spring have delayed the normal time table for bearded irises to show their bloom. Yet, Schreiner’s Iris Gardens is open for bulb and stem purchases of the[Read More…]

Rescue pets overflow shelter

The Marion County Dog Services shelter is almost out of available kennel space. Dog Services Manager, Melissa Gable, is urging people to adopt from their shelter if they are looking to adopt and to hold any lost dogs they have found in their neighborhood, if possible. “We cannot turn stray[Read More…]

Keizer man retires, turns 70 on same day

Local Keizer resident Steve Pfaff celebrated his retirement and 70th birthday on April 13. Pfaff has been working at Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community for more than 26 years as their finance director and office manager. “As a junior in high school, I think they were trying to give me some[Read More…]