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Celtic boys and girls basketball both win over North Salem Vikings

Both the McNary boys and girls basketball teams won over cross town rival North Salem Vikings in games on Friday, Feb. 16.

The boys rose to 13-9 record (5-5 in league play) by winning over the Vikings by a score of 50-33. Steven Adams scored 17 points and had 10 rebounds. Anthony Fuentes added 12 points to the Celtic score.

The girls won by a lopsided score of 70-19. Coach Michael McShane pointed out junior Hailey Carbajal as the game’s outstanding player with 10 points, seven steals and four assists.

The girls now have record of 15-7 overall and a Central Valley Conference record of 8-2, with two more games remaining in the season.

Both teams will next played against West Salem on Tuesday and will face South Salem for their final game of the season on Friday. Feb. 23.

Avery Buss goes for two of the 70 points against the North Salem Vikings on Feb. 16 at home.
Ryan Lyda saves the ball for the Celtics against the Vikings at North Salem.
Aubrey Adams shoots for a basket as Bethany Villegas (10) is ready to save it.
Ethan Wollangk shots in the middle of Viking players.