Review shows most Oregonians keeping benefits

Renewal data from the OHA shows that, for those who have undergone an eligibility review, 85% of OHP users will retain their current medical plan and benefits following the end of federal funding for COVID-19. 

This rate of retention of medical benefit makes Oregon the state with the third highest rate of benefit retention, following Maine and Illinois. 

During the pandemic, the federal government allowed states to keep people on Medicaid and did not require an annual renewal. As the funding stops, those with an OHP or Medicaid plan will receive, or have already received, a notice for renewal by mid-2024. 

The notice explains that additional information like paystubs or a renewal packet will be required for those seeking to keep their coverage. 

As of Nov. 17, 919,879 people have completed the renewal process, or around 63% of all OHP and Medicaid members. 

738,661 people (85.2% of members) have had their benefits renewed including an additional 2.7% increase in those who had benefits closed but were found to be eligible again. 

111,941 people lost their benefits due to being found ineligible for the care plan and 16,227 people have had their benefits cut due to the review. 

So far, an additional 40,780 people were sent medical renewal letters. With so many renewals and requests OHP warns of longer wait times, delays and even interruptions when trying to secure benefits. 

Due to the complex nature of this review, mistakes have occurred though the OHA has narrowed these issues into a couple of categories: incorrect approval notices and incorrect terminations. 

To avoid these issues it is recommended to respond as quickly as possible after they receive a request for information to avoid any possible delays. The fastest way members can provide an update is by going to benefits. and logging into their ONE online account. 

In the event your plan is ending, OHP has created a list of ways you can contest the ending of your benefits, correct a mistake or renew your plan. This list and more information can be found at 

First, verify all information is correct in your renewal letter. If a change is needed notify the state by calling 800-699-9075 or visiting If you are losing your medical benefits and disagree you can file for a hearing with form MSC 0443 by calling, writing or asking a DHS employee in person for the form. 

Next, it is important to also understand and explore options for medical insurance through your employer or through Medicare if you are losing your option through OHP. For those signing up for Medicare for the first time, call 800-772-1213 to enroll by phone or to find a local office. 

For those who have trouble paying, around 80% of Oregonians qualify for financial help through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace, according to the OHA. 

Visit WindowShop to answer a few quick questions to find out if you are eligible. 

If you need free local help figuring out where you or others stand on this issue visit for professional assistance.