KeizerFEST ready for final year before changes

KeizerFEST 2023 will be the last in its current form before things change for 2024. 

The parade will be rescheduled for May 18 next year. The Bloomin’ Iris Golf Tournament will be added as well. 

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce and its KeizerFEST organizing committee decided earlier this year to split the festival elements. 

People love their community parades, but one held in August limits the number of marching bands to zero. With schools out of session band members are not available. Marching band music is key to the enjoyment of any parade; it is the soundtrack for all the other entrants. 

The main festivities of KeizerFEST will not change next year. The Big Tent will still be home to live music acts, food and beverages, primarily beer. The festival will be held at Keizer Rapids Park again next year, where it successfully moved in 2022. 

Though the event will look different in 2024, for this year it will have enough to engage the interests of everyone. 

There will be dozens of vendors at the festival grounds along with a 100-vehicle car show on Saturday, Aug. 12. 

A tournament will test the cornhole skills of people for both singles and doubles competitions. 

Though there are no bands in the parade, The Big Tent will be jumping with music from some of the region’s most popular groups. 

Teens will take the spotlight on 9 a.m. on Sunday at their talent showcase hosted by Valor Mentoring. More than $2,000 in cash prizes are at stake as the youth try to impress their families, friends and the public. 

Aside from KeizerFEST, Keizerites will have a choice of options for the weekend of August 11-13. 

The Venardos Circus will take place under its own big top at Volcanoes Stadium opening this weekend and running through Aug. 20. The Broadway-style, animal-free circus promises audiences big production numbers as well as acrobatic and daredevil acts. 

This August mid-Willamette Valley residents will not be bored when faced with the trove of entertainment available.