KeizerFEST art contest accepting entries May 3

A remnant of the Keizer Iris Festival is the selection of a formal iris for KeizerFEST, now held in August. 

An iris is selected 15 months before the festival to allow the Keizer Art Association (KAA) to hold a festival poster contest for artists. The official art is selected in May each year for the following year’s KeizerFEST. 

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce sponsors the annual contest to support local artists in concert with KeizerFEST. The Executive Director of the Keizer Chamber will select the winning artwork. A $200 prize will be given to the winning artist. Contest entries may be any media and must meet the requirements stated for the May KAA Celebration of Flowers art show. 

Intake will be Wednesday, May 3 from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Enid Joy Mount Gallery. Entries may be made on the website,, or at intake in the gallery. The winning entry will be announced on Saturday, May 6, at the KAA reception, 2-4 p.m. 

The selected art piece must include the featured iris, named Speed of Light, selected by the Keizer Chamber. Entries this year may include the information that the 2024 festival will be the 41st year of the festival. 

A picture of the iris is available on the KAA website, KAA Facebook page and will be mailed to all KAA members with the prospectus. 

The Chamber may sell posters, pins and other promotional items displaying the winning artwork.