Traffic Committee meeting discusses speed, crosswalks and more 

The Traffic Safety-Bikeways- Pedestrian Safety Committee held a longer meeting than usual on Thursday, April 20, as a number of issues were discussed and appearances by interested citizens. 

Over nearly three hours the committee heard about traffic speed on the Chemawa Road curve (just east of the round-about) from citizens Rick and Katie Brady. They advocated for a flashing speed sign to slow traffic on that part of the street, which has seen a number of accidents due to speed. 

Committee chair Jamie Davis suggested the Bradys work with the Greater Northeast Keizer Neighborhood Association to develop a petition on the issue to submit to the city. 

Greater Northeast Keizer Neighborhood Association president Tammy Kunz appeared before the committee to report on issues with uneven sidewalks and potholes on Dearborn Ave. NE, east of Verda. Committee member David Dempster said the best recourse for the public is to take photos of problem areas and submit them to the city’s public works department. 

Two representatives of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association—Rhonda Rich and Robb Whitters—reported their satisfaction with the flashing speed sign on Shoreline Drive N. 

Committee member Brenda Lamb gave a report on her research regarding pedestrian flags at unlighted and unsigned crosswalks. Citing other cities that have that program, Lamb said See Me flags cost $8 each. It will need to be decided which city department will take lead, or if it will be up to volunteers to oversee any flag project. 

Taking up much of the committee meeting time was discussion over a crosswalk on Lockhaven Drive N. at McNary High School. The committee voted to recommend to the city to add a signalized crosswalk on the arterial east of the Celtic Way, the north entrance to the school’s campus. Chair Davis asked if there were ARPA funds available to pay for new a crossing. 

City staff liaison, Mike Griffin, of the Public Works Department gave the committee a report about concerns of the intersection of Brooks Ave. NE and Candlewood Drive NE; he recommended a flashing sign to alert drivers of the sharp curve. He also said installation of ADA ramps on Cherry Avenue NE were proceeding well, 

City Council liaison Robert Husseman gave a report on Chemawa Station, a tribe-owned development in Area D of Keizer Station. The full council approved a text amendment to the area’s Master Plan to allow for six buildings to be built, including a 92-room hotel on the land between Ulali Drive and the water tower. 

Keizer Police liaison Sgt. Dave LeDay reported on traffic accidents so far in April. There were eight crashes, two of which were were DUI cases. 

Committee members in attendance were: Jamie Davis, Michael DeBlasi, David Dempster, Rick Kuehn, Brenda Lamb, Tammy Saldivar and Hersch Sangster. 

The next committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, at 6 p.m. in the Robert L. Simons Chamber.