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Hitting all the right notes

The Celtics had plenty to celebrate at Saturday’s district 4 solo and ensemble competition, coming away with six first place finishes, six runner-ups and two third places. 

Individual first place finishers included Dougie Howard on the viola, Keegan Arnsmeier on trumpet, Matthew Curtis on trombone and Asa Steckman for mallet percussion.

Both small and large percussion ensembles had top finishes. The small did so with Danza, the large performed Haut Metal Holz. The McNary large percussion ensemble also won second place with Opa

The only McNary solo artist to place twice was Sam Banton, who earned second place finishes in both high and low saxophone.

The next stop for many of the performers are the OSAA state solo and ensemble contests on April 28 and 29. 

  • Dougie Howard, Viola: 1st Place
  • Keegan Arnsmeier, Trumpet: 1st Place
  • Matthew Curtis, Trombone: 1st Place
  • Asa Steckmann, Mallet Percussion: 1st Place
  • McNary Large Percussion Ensemble “Haut Metal Holz”: 1st Place
  • McNary Small Percussion Ensemble “Danza”: 1st Place
  • Victor Ceja, Flute: 2nd Place
  • Sam Banton, High Saxophone: 2nd Place
  • Sam Banton, Low Saxophone: 2nd Place
  • Aiden Wilson, Euphonium: 2nd Place
  • Tyler Payne, Orchestral Snare: 2nd Place
  • McNary Large Percussion Ensemble “Opa”: 2nd Place
  • Talia Mesecar, Flute: 3rd Place
  • Gage DuBois, Trombone: 3rd Place
  • Kiele Jarnagin, Alto Voice: 2nd Alternate for State