Have a cow, man — or name one at least

In celebration of Keizer’s 40th anniversary as a city. the Keizer Public Arts Commission (KPAC) will oversee the installing of a new art piece in June in the round-about at the intersection of Chemawa Road NE and Verda Lane NE.

The art—dubbed Rosalie’s Cows—will be steel cut-outs of four cows. Each will be brightly painted. Cows were selected  by KPAC in homage to Rosalie Herber; she and her family lived on a farm on Verda Lane that stretched from Chemawa Road to Dearborn Avenue. For years the farm was home to herds of cows.

Three of the cows have been dedicated to women who have helped to move Keizer forward: Rosalie Herber, Audrey Butler and Lore Christopher.

The public is invited to enter a contest to name the fourth cow. The contest will be a fundraiser for the  funding needed to complete the art installation.

The Keizer Community Foundation has  donated $5,000 towards the project. An additional $2,500 is needed. Entrants in the Name the Cow contest can submit the name of a woman who was instrumental in moving Keizer forward.

Submissions for the contest are due no later than March 17.

Cost of each entry is $100. Entries must include the name of the woman, a suggested name for the cow art and an essay of up to 100 words explaining why the nominated woman should be recognized.

The winning submission will be determined by the Keizer Public Arts Commission at the March meeting.

Submissions are to be mailed to: Debbie Lockhart, City of Keizer, 930 Chemawa Road NE, Keizer OR 97303. Submissions can also be emailed to [email protected].