Grade schooler holds book signing

A 9-year-old author autographed copies of his book Friday, Dec. 30, at Willow Lake Golf Center.

Hudson Siemens, a 9-year-old fourth-grader at Salem’s Four Corners Elementary School, said he got his inspiration to write it from Goosebumps, a series by R.L. Stein. The book, Camp Turmoil, is fiction and set in a summer camp.

Hudson was there with his parents, Courtney and Jeff Siemens, and his younger brothers, Taylor and Beau. The novel’s characters include a 9-year-old, Aden Omen, and his two younger brothers, also named Taylor and Beau.

Asked how she decided on the golf course for the signing, Courtney said she posted a notice with the Salem Surrounding Moms group and Willow Lake responded.

Courtney Siemen said they went through Kendall Publishing to print and Amazon to sell.

The book is available through Amazon and soon will be at Keizer and Salem libraries.

Eighty-four books have been sold  so far.