Pasta Boss will bring “the mod” to local dining

Many people are familiar with the “Mod Pizza” style of fast-casual dining, featuring an individual serving and a single price with unlimited toppings. Pasta fans in Keizer will soon have a similar option if the new planned restaurant, “Pasta Boss,” raises enough money to open.

Jared Baumgartner, left, with Kevin Zeibart, right, are the owners of a new prospective restaurant in Keizer.

“I’ve been working on starting a new restaurant over the past few years, but COVID hit and made me re-think starting something new in uncertain times,” said Kevin Zeibart, who with his partner, Jared Baumgartner, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new venture.

Over the years of working together, Jared often came up with out-of-the-box ideas and concepts for businesses – some good and some bringing a laugh – until one day it finally hit home. “After years of working out the concept, menu, name, and the other important nuances of opening a business, we’re finally ready to go,” he said. 

“We’re at the point in our business planning where we need to ask for your help,” said Zeibart. “We have a location picked out and we’re looking for donations to help make our dreams a reality, and we’re offering some pretty cool rewards.”

“We plan to open in late spring, early summer of this year,” said Zeibart. “The location we’re looking at is in need of a great food option and is surrounded by single-family homes with several great schools.”

Once this location is up and running, the pair plan to explore other locations, eventually expanding to other areas of the state.

As of this printing, the partners have raised nearly $8,000, with a goal of $50,000. The Kickstarter site currently has 27 followers and has 23 fundraising days left. If you would like to contribute or want to find out more, visit their site at www.